• ARLA Trained Management and Staff
  • Latest Technology Software incorporating Encore Marketing System
  • Equally Assisted Technology with CFP Winman Management Package
  • Extensive Property Portfolio
  • RICS Insurance and Protection
  • Competitive Fees

Specialists in Lettings

At Jordan Fishwick, we pride ourselves on being specialists in our industry and are confident we can let your property quicker than anyone else. We provide a full lettings and management service, giving you peace of mind and reassurances that your property is managed by qualified letting professionals within the industry.

All of our highly trained staff aim to keep our clients regularly informed about changing housing legislation and our Tenancy Agreements are regularly updated to encompass current practices and procedures.

Dedicated Lettings Team

Our dedicated lettings teams are trained to the maximum technical standards and have all the necessary information and knowledge at their fingertips. We are committed to offer the highest levels of care and attention, ensuring your property is let quickly and that the tenancy runs as smoothly as possible. We continually strive to provide a quality service, working closely with private landlords and corporate investors alike.

High Profile Marketing

We invest heavily in marketing and have a recognised and respected brand. You can be assured your property will be extensively marketed, minimising the time in which it remains empty and maximising its potential. As well as our ‘To Let’ boards, website and local advertising, we keep a database of tenants currently looking for somewhere to live. Our branches are located in the hub of communities and we have excellent contacts with local employers, companies, relocation agents, football clubs and football agents who provide high quality tenants. Daily sms text messaging and email bulletins are sent to all applicants that match the criteria of your property whilst traditional phone outs are carried out daily to ensure greater exposure of your property.

Comprehensive Tenant Referencing

Once a potential tenant has been found for your property, they will undergo an extensive assessment procedure. Our referencing service has been designed to minimise risks and to ensure that the let goes smoothly. As well as financial references and fraud checks, we approach employers and, where applicable, any previous landlord.

Full Property Management Service

Our property management staff are regularly trained to keep them abreast of developments in the law affecting lettings and specifically to protect your interests. Through regular property visits and extensive experience we strive to exceed your expectations and to give you the advice and service you expect.

Overseas Landlords

All Landlords who have an overseas address including Southern Ireland are liable to pay overseas tax to the Inland Revenue. Overseas tax rate is 20% on all income received and expenditure.

The landlord is asked to contact the HM Revenue and Customs on tel no +44 (0) 151 472 6208/6209 to request an NRL1 form which is to be completed and addressed to Jordan Fishwick. This will include an approval now which is unique to the Landlord which will make them exempt from paying overseas tax in the future. Without this form, overseas tax will continue to be deducted.

Personal circumstances will determine whether the landlord is to be made exempt from paying overseas tax.

These are just the basics which will enable the landlord to obtain further information regarding overseas tax.


For further information on fees - please contact your local Jordan Fishwick branch


Letting fee maximum 120% of one months rent inc vat. Management service maximum 12% of monthly rent inc vat. Rent collection maximum 6% of monthly rent inc vat.



Arranging and facilitating statutory compliance

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) £108 inc.VAT per tenancy
  • Gas Safety Certificate (GSR) £95 inc.VAT per tenancy
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) £225 inc.VAT per tenancy (every five years)
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) £95 (inc. VAT) per tenancy
  • Legionella Risk Assessment £90 (inc. VAT) per tenancy
  • Installing Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide £65 (inc. VAT) per tenancy
  • Testing Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors on the first day of the tenancy £60 (inc. VAT) per tenancy
  • Handling local authority licensing application £120(inc. VAT) per tenancy
  • Visual check in compliance with the Homes Act 2018 on the first day of the tenancy £80(inc. VAT) per tenancy


Set-up Fees: £275 (inc. VAT) per tenancy. Referencing for up to two tenants (ID checks, Right-to-Rent check, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers / landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability) as well as contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the signing of the tenancy agreement.

Additional Tenant Referencing Fees: £180 (inc. VAT) per tenant. As Set-up Fees above for additional tenants.

Guarantor Fees: £120(inc. VAT) per guarantor. Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee (or as part of the Tenancy Agreement).

Permitted Occupier Fees: £60 (inc. VAT) per permitted occupier. Explaining to any permitted occupier their rights and responsibilities towards the named tenant(s) and landlord.

Deposit Registration Fees (where collected):£42 (inc. VAT) per tenancy. Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with a Government-authorised Scheme. Provide the tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of the tenancy start date.

Inventory Fees: £148 (inc vat)

Accompanied Check-in Fees: £80 (inc. VAT) per tenancy. Attending the property to welcome the tenant(s), confirm the Inventory and Schedule of Condition, explain the operation of appliances, highlight the location of utility meters, stop-cocks etc. and test that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are present and in working order. This is subject to an approved Inventory as above.

Landlord Withdrawal Fees (before move-in): 50% of the month’s rent (inc. VAT) per tenancy. To cover the costs associated with the marketing, advertising and tenancy set-up should the landlord withdraw from the tenancy before it has started.


Additional Property Visits: £60 (inc. VAT) per visit. Should the landlord request property visits in addition to those within their existing Terms of Business, this covers the costs of attending the property. (Included in Managed svc)

Rent Review Fees: £50 (inc. VAT) per tenancy. Review rent in accordance with current prevailing market conditions and advise the landlord, negotiate with the tenant(s), direct tenant(s) to make payment change as appropriate, update the tenancy agreement and serve a Section 13 Notice if the tenancy is on a periodic basis.

Renewal Fees: £240 (inc. VAT) per tenancy. Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging for the signing of a further tenancy agreement.

Right-to-Rent Follow-Up Check: £36 (inc. VAT) per check. Undertaking a repeat check in person on a time-limited visa in accordance with the Immigration Acts 2014 and 2016. Notifying the Home Office should an illegal overstayer be identified. This does not apply to a Tenant-Find service.

Landlord Withdrawal Fees (during tenancy): £240 (inc. VAT) per tenancy. To cover the costs associated with advising the tenant on the change and the position of the security deposit, transferring the security deposit to the landlord or new agent, notifying all utility providers and local authority (where necessary) and returning all relevant documents held by the agent to the landlord. This does not apply to a Tenant-Find service.

Arrangement Fees for works over £500:12% of net cost (inc. VAT). Arranging access and assessing the costs with any contractors, ensuring work has been carried out in accordance with the specification of Works and retaining any resulting warranty or guarantee. Fully Managed service only.


Check-out Fees: £160(inc. VAT) per tenancy. Attending the property to undertake an updated Schedule of Condition based on the original inventory and negotiating the repayment of the security deposit.

Tenancy Dispute Fee: £250(inc. VAT) per tenancy. The costs associated with the preparation of all evidence and submitting the case to the tenancy deposit scheme as well as dealing with all correspondence relating to the dispute. This only applies where the agent has protected the deposit under let only service and is included in the management service.

Fees for the service of Legal Notices (Section 8 or Section 21): £150(inc. VAT) per Notice. Included in the management service

Court Attendance Fees: £180(inc. VAT) per hour.


Interest on Unpaid Commission: 3% above the Bank of England Base Rate from Due Date until paid.

Contractor Commission: 14.40% of contractors invoice (inc. VAT). To cover the costs associated with arranging and facilitating the visit of a vetted professional tradesperson.

Submission of Non-Resident Landlords receipts to HMRC £30(inc. VAT) quarterly. To remit and balance the financial Return to HMRC on both a quarterly and annual basis.

Additional HMRC Reporting Fees: £30(inc. VAT) per request. Responding to any specific queries relating to either the quarterly or annual Return from either the landlord or HMRC.

Fees for providing an Annual Income and Expenditure Schedule: £30(inc. VAT) annually.

Same-Day Payment Fees: £24(inc. VAT) per payment. Should the landlord request a payment faster than the agreed timescales within their existing Terms of Business, this covers the costs of providing a same-day payment service.