Jordan Fishwick aims to provide a high quality professional service. We recognise, however, that there may be occasions when we get things wrong or service users are unhappy about some aspect of our service. The aim of our Complaints Policy is to give clear details of what steps can be taken to try to get things put right where there is a problem and to allow us to keep an eye on the quality of service we provide so that we can work to improve it.

Step 1.

It is important to let the branch, that you have been dealing with, know that you are unhappy and to give them the chance to put things right. Please contact the Partner or Branch Manager, hopefully she or he will be able to sort out the problem straight away.

If you feel, once the Partner/Branch Manager has answered your query, that you are still not satisfied:-

Step 2.

We have appointed Jane Acton ([email protected]) – Sales Complaints 01625 428885, Martina Harrison ([email protected]) – Lettings/Management Complaints 0161 929 3001 to deal with complaints.

If you have initially made your complaint verbally – whether face-to-face or over the phone – please also make it in writing, addressed to Mrs Acton or Miss Harrison as appropriate. This is to ensure that we fully understand exactly what your complaint is and have a written record of it.

The first stage of our complaints handling procedure will involve full consideration of your complaint by Mrs Acton/Miss Harrison on behalf of the firm. We will try to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction. If you are happy with the outcome of Mrs Acton’s/Miss Harrison’s investigation into your complaint, the matter will conclude.

Step 3.

If, however, we cannot agree on how to resolve your complaint then you will have the opportunity to take your complaint to the final stage of our complaints handling procedure, which is the:

Consumer Complaints:-

The Property Redress Scheme

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T: 0333 321 9418
E: [email protected].