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The benefits of buying a new build property from Jordan Fishwick.

For most, buying a home will be the single biggest purchasing decision they will ever make. As such, there are many aspects to consider – location, budget and style, naturally, will be among these.

Buyers prepared to be flexible and make compromises are most likely to come out on top. Providing period features are not an absolute must, discerning buyers may wish to exercise such flexibility and consider purchasing new build homes – the benefits of which are numerous. Here are some advantages of buying brand new:

Peace of mind

When you purchase an older property, you are risking investing your money in a house that has hidden issues. Structural problems, bad wiring, a poorly laid roof, mould: all of these amount to costly refurbishment projects that might not even show up on your survey. Knowing everything from the roof, to the walls, to all the fixtures and fittings are brand new and that the structure is under guarantee brings an unquantifiable sense of relief!

No complicated chains

Another thing to consider is that new build homes come chain free – there is nothing worse than having your offer on a house accepted, only to wait for the occupants to complete on their own purchase and vacate.

Can have some say in the layout

By putting an offer in early, you may get a chance to agree on some of the finer details of the specification, rendering your new build more bespoke.

Quality homes are being built across the country. If you are looking for new build houses for sale, why not enquire with Jordan Fishwick to find out what areas currently have a new build homes available.

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