The Buy to Let Process.

Considering getting a buy to let mortgage? Wanting to add to your portfolio? Jordan Fishwick have years of experience in supporting those seeking a buy to let mortgage, and have compiled our expertise into this comprehensive guide to support you through the process.

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How to get a buy to let mortgage for your buy to let property?

Lots of people might consider becoming a landlord. They might want to use their rental property just to cover the mortgage payments. Equally, they might want to increase their rental income with an additional rental property to add to their portfolio. Whatever the reason, Jordan Fishwick can help you through the process – from finding the right buy to let mortgage to identifying the perfect rental property for you.

The Jordan Fishwick Buy to Let Mortgage Process Guide:

Step 1

Research & Planning

The first thing you should do when thinking about becoming a landlord is to research as much as possible about the buy to let market, buy to let mortgages, property prices, areas for investment and more. You want to be fully prepared heading into a potential investment property before investing your money.

Set yourself a budget and your financial goals for the property you may be investing in. Things to consider with a buy to let property would be location, property type, such as house or flat, target tenant demographic, and your potential rental income.

Step 2


The next step would be to explore the buy to let mortgage options. When compared to typical residential mortgages, buy to let mortgages tend to have a higher interest rate and require larger deposits. Confer with a mortgage advisor and determine what sort of mortgage repayments you might be able to afford. Buy to let mortgages are generally based on the potential rental yield of the property.

Step 3

Property Search & Purchase

The next step in getting a buy to let property is to find the property! Take a look through an estate agency’s portfolio of properties. Another way to find your ideal property is to work with an estate agent to identify possible properties that fit within your budget.

As soon as you’ve found the right property for you, it’s time to do your due diligence, including inspections, valuations, surveys, and legal checks. Then, you can put in an offer on the property, go through negotiations on the purchase price and terms with the seller’s agent. Once an offer is accepted, you’ll go through conveyancing with a conveyancing solicitor to handle all of the legalities of the purchase and arrange the completion of the sale.

Step 4

Mortgage Approval

The next step in this process is to finalise a buy to let mortgage. Speak to our Independent Financial Advisors to help with this step as the costs involved in financing a buy to let mortgage doesn’t just include the mortgage interest and repayments, you’ll also likely have to pay extra fees, that can range wildly.

Your mortgage term will be determined at this time by your mortgage lender, as well as the monthly payments for repaying. You’ll also have to ensure the necessary funds for the deposit, closing costs, and other expenses have been arranged prior to the handover.

Buy to let mortgages can be a bit tricky to understand, but our independent financial advisors are here to explain buy to let mortgages.

Step 5

Property Management & Lettings

Once the handover has happened, it’s time to prepare the property for tenants by ensuring that the property meets the regulations for health and safety. As well as obtaining any relevant gas and electrical safety certificates and generally ensuring the property is ready to be lived in. Once your property is ready for tenants, it’s time to get it valued to determine the property’s rental income, market the property, and find tenants to occupy the residence.

The easiest way to get tenants is to work with an estate agent, while there will be letting agent fees, it can take a lot of the leg work off of your plate. Check out our full guide on the letting process.

Making Buy to Let Work

Jordan Fishwick are experts in the buy to let property market. We can help you through any stage of the process, from valuing what sort of rental yields you might expect to make, to helping you to determine whether buy to let properties in your portfolio are being marketed well enough to represent a good buy to let investment. Check out our full range of valuation options for advice on how much in annual rental income you might be able to make.

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Google 4.7 Star Review Rating

Rated 4.7 for satisfaction.