The Conveyancing Process Made Easy For Buyers.

Our step-by-step guide simplifies the intricate conveyancing process, allowing you to navigate effortlessly through the stages and legalities of conveyancing with Jordan Fishwick, promising a stress-free property transaction experience.

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Conveyancing Process Made Easy For Buyers and Sellers?

The conveyancing process is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a house from one person (the seller), to another (the buyer). This process begins when an offer is accepted by the seller, and ends when the purchase is complete and the new owner receives the keys.

Step 1

Instruct a conveyancing solicitor

You will need to look around for the right conveyancing solicitor for you. This can be a person you have used before, or a family recommendation. Equally, you might want to use a solicitor you have seen receive good reviews. Once you have chosen, you will need to ‘instruct’ the solicitor to start work on your behalf

How an Estate Agent Can Help

With our combination of local knowledge and online reach, we have experience of working with solicitors all over the region, and can help you to find the perfect conveyancing solicitor for you.

Step 2

Draft Contacts and Enquiries

When you start the process, you will receive a draft contract pack from your seller’s solicitor. This includes the supporting documents, and should inform you of any terms and conditions that come along with the house. The buyer’s conveyancer should raise any enquiries you have identified with the seller’s conveyancer. This might include queries over whether the home is a leasehold property or a freehold property.

Step 3

Property Survey

You aren’t required to have a survey report as part of the conveyancing process. However, it is a good practice, and an essential part of buying an older property. The results of your survey report should inform you of any potential issues with your property, including damage and structural issues. This may inform your decision to continue with the purchase or to renegotiate the purchase price.

Step 4

Property Searches

A survey informs you only of the physical issues your property might face, not the legal issues. The property searches will help you to determine whether there are any factors you should be aware of. Some searchers are recommended by your conveyancing solicitor, and some by the mortgage lender. They might include Local Authority searches, Title register and title deeds, flood risks and location specific searches.

Step 5


Many buyers will offer less than your asking price. However, this doesn’t mean you have to accept. A negotiation can begin, where you and the buyer decide how much the property is worth to each of you. Ask your estate agent – they will have experience of how much properties like yours’ sell for, and can provide an honest assessment of how much you need in your bank account to fund your new property.

Step 6

Exchange Contracts and Complete

Exchanging contracts is the final and most important part of selling your home. Once this stage is complete, you are tied into a legally binding decision to sell. You will receive the deposit from your buyer, and can plan completion. If you are buying another property, you’ll need to purchase buildings insurance for it.

Completion day is arranged by the buyer’s solicitor and the seller’s solicitor together. They should organise a mutually convenient time to finish the process for all parties.

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Google 4.7 Star Review Rating

Rated 4.7 for satisfaction.